English Theater: 3 1/2 Musketeers
A musical parody of Tim Kelly, with apologies to Alexandre Dumas

La Troupe 1994-1995
Characters (In order of Appearance)

Darth Canyon'Father	               Akim  Demaille                                                                                              
Robaire, young farmer                  Jean-François Caillard                 
Jean-Pierre, young farmer              Walid Nabhane                          
Darth Canyon, soon-to-be a Musketeer   Olivier Aubin                          
Pothole, King's Musketeer              Julien Furioli                         
Applesauce, King's Musketeer           Edouard Pascassio Comte                
Armistice, King's Musketeer            Frédéric Kaplan                        
Serving girl                           Claire Lestrade                        
Soupcon, Richelieu's henchman          Jean-François Caillard                 
Guard                                  Walid Nabhane                          
Anne, Queen of France                  Erika Valencia                         
Louis, King of France                  Ziad Youakim                           
Custard, Queen's servant               Claude Salomé                          
Richelieu, First Minister of France    Stéphane Dugelay                       
Madame Bushwhack                       Véronique Larcher                                                                                               
Buck, Prime Minister of England        Pierre-Luc Paour                       
Countess de Whimper                    Nathalie Forestier                                                                                              
Mimi, De Whimper's handmaiden          Lidwine Brindeau                       
Fifi, De Whimper's handmaiden          Claire Lestrade                        
Bibi, De Whimper's handmaiden          Valérie Beaumont                       
Man in seaside Tavern                  Akim Demaille                          
Singing Waiter                         Stéphane Grauby                        
Executionner                           Pierre-Luc Paour                       
Man in the Iron Mask                   Stéphane Dugelay                       
Count of Monte Cristo                  Akim Demaille                          
Mme Monte Cristo                       Lidwine Brindeau                       
Mlle Monte Cristo                      Valérie Beaumont                       
Marquis                                Jean-François Caillard                 

Director                               Deborah Dunn                           
Musical Direction and adaptation       Deborah Wood                           
President                              Edouard Pascassio Comte                
Technical Director- Lights and Sound   Jean-Claude Dufourd                     
Stage Manager                          Jean-Claude Dufourd                    
Scene Adaptation                       Imad Fattouch, Ziad Youakim            
Set Design                             Erika                                  
Painting Crew                          Akim, Olivier, Véronique, Edouard,     
Costume Mistress                       Nathalie                               
Publicity                              Lidwine, Julien, Olivier               
Poster                                 Frédéric, Ziad, Lidwine, Erika,        
Programs                               Frédéric, Nathalie                     
Bills/Treasurer                        Olivier                                

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